Avoiding Summer Colds

22nd May 2024

The winter is usually associated with increased risk of getting a cold. However, getting a cold in the summer is still a possibility. Steps to take to increase chances of […]

Dinosaurs To Brain Health

8th August 2023

The link is a tree that was growing at the same time as dinosaurs, Ginkgo biloba. It has distictive shaped leaves, so the fossilised leaves were easily identified. Not the […]

It’s Oh So Quiet!

27th June 2022

If you have been out in the park, woods or here in the Forest of Dean recently you may have noticed the silence. No blackbirds singing from the highest point; […]

The colours of Autumn

22nd November 2021

The beech trees in the Forest of Dean are so colourful now, but they are all changing rapidly. The plantation I walk through has gone from dark green to paler […]

Eczema – a possible solution

12th October 2021

Eczema is a distressing and sometimes painful skin condition. It can lead to disfigured skin and scarring. Yesterday, on the radio, there was a discussion about possible remedies. For about […]

A Flotilla of Gulls

20th September 2021

Since last week, as the sun rises over the trees and houses and casts long shadows over the meadow, a large flock of gulls circle and land, more than you […]

Skin Health Part 2

13th September 2021

Back at the start of August I posted an article about how supplementing vitamins can support healthy skin from the inside. Today, I am posting information about supplements for particular […]

Head and Heart

my brain and heart divorced a decade ago over who was to blame about how big of a mess I have become, Eventually they couldn’t be in the same room […]

Psychedelic Fireflies

12th August 2021

A shower left a silvery sheen over the grass winking rainbow colours like so many psychedelic fireflies skipping over the field in the morning sunshine. Almost translucent skeins of mist […]

Nutrients and Skin Health part 1

2nd August 2021

Vitamins and Skin Health. Our skin. The largest organ in the body, covering nearly 2 square metres and accounting for about 16% of total body weight. In the summer a […]