How to get the best from your supplements.

Taking a few nutritional supplements is a good idea, especially if you are unusually busy or feeling stressed. It is not so easy to obtain the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats needed for the body to function optimally from a regular diet. Even less easy when you are so busy that you may skip meals or have a quick, fast food snack on a regular basis.


How are you building your new future?

rainbows or black clouds?

Are you happy with all the changes in Westminster or not? While some of the outcomes in the next few months and years is a matter of conjecture, the effect all this turbulence will have on our lives, our businesses, our trades is actually up to us. There may be challenges, there may be new opportunities, it is up to us, you, me, your directors, sales people, HR departments whether our business or Practice continues to grow or not.


Stress and Osteoporosis – might they be linked?


Osteoporosis or “thinning of the bones” is generally associated with older women who are past the menopause. It is attributed to the loss of oestrogen that occurs at this time.

In my own experience and in line with some of my training, I wonder if long term stress has as much to do with this condition as hormone imbalances? Of course, there are many causes, but for this blog, I want to concentrate on stress. Stress of any kind has a dehydrating effect on the body physiology.


A few thoughts on allergic reactions

The radio was still on when Jeremy Vine’s show started earlier this week. I don’t really listen to it, but this time he was going to talk about allergies and anaphylactic shock. Very interesting.

You may not have heard it. This reaction is life-threatening and needs to be noticed and action is taken to keep yourself alive.


Why would I need to know about water crystals​? I’m very busy!

A water crystal exposed to the word Love

In the last post, (which WordPress seems to have swallowed!?), I wrote about how water can hold a pattern in its molecular structure1. The pattern changes, and therefore the molecular structure, according to the sounds directed at the water, which could include various sorts of music, words, prayers, conversations.


Father’s Day Special -a different perspective

This is a picture of a water crystal exposed to the words “love and gratitude”.

This is a photo of a crystal exposed to the word “Fool”.

We are 70 – 80% water. Today on Father’s Day, show love and gratitude to your Father, by saying it to his face or putting words of love and gratitude in a card or on his photo, if he is a long way away or no longer with you. Why would you do that? The words create a vibration of love and harmony that change the shape of the water molecules in his body.


How Do you Speak to Yourself?

A couple of incidents this week have reminded me how important it is to be aware of the words we say to ourselves. Arethey positive. Do we end up as lots of blue fishes, or a stand out rainbow coloured fish?

The first one occurred yesterday. Just to test out the idea, after we had completed a kinesiology test with muscle testing, I asked my client to say, “I can”; her arm tested strong or “switched on”.


What do you know about Allergies?




Allergies have been in the news lately because food producers must list every single ingredient, no matter how small. One unlisted ingredient caused a major reaction in a girl and she died. Another reaction might be a mild rash, itchy skin, even eczema. Do these reactions come from the same cause? No, probably not. (more…)

Vegan diets – good for you?

Yes, A vegan diet has many advantages, all of which are well known. However, there are some nutrients that may become deficient over time to the detriment of your health.

Of course many plant sources are full of necessary nutrients, but some supplementation  would help to fill in the gaps, supporting your health and energy.

There are no vegan sources of bioactive EPA and DHA forms of Omega 3 essential fatty acids as they are found in fish and eggs.   Omega 3 is found in flaxseeds, but in a form that is difficult to absorb. Take it alongside magnesium, zinc citrate, and B6 as P5P to be sure that the oil is converted to the bioactive EPA and DHA.

Vitamin B12 is not present in plant foods. It is essential for supporting cellular energy production, brain and nervous system health as well as the formation of red blood cells. Low dietary intake can result in fatigue and anaemia. It is not stored in the body so one needs to supplement some every day. Choose sublingual preparations as some gut conditions make it difficult to absorb this essential vitamin.

A zinc supplement may be helpful from time to time, especially in the form of Zinc citrate. Add magnesium citrate to enable effective absorption of other minerals.

Iron may be helpful particularly during menstruation, when demand is higher as replacement red blood are needed.

Vitamin D3 is vital for strong bones and robust immunity, particularly if your work keeps you indoors for much of the week. It is especially important to take some during the winter months from September to March when the sun is too low to stimulate Vit D3 production in the skin. A vegan form is available that is extracted from specific  lichens.

Glucosamine hydrochloride (n-acetyl glucosamine) is a non-animal form of this supplement which is involved in healthy joints and tissues in the body.

Plant digestive enzymes  will help digest the tougher plant fibres such as raffinose, cellulose and phytic acid in order for you to extract the maximum benefit from your plant-based diet and avoid bloating, which can occur if the undigested fibre is fermented in the lower intestine.

However, what works for one person may not suit another. Some people may actually need meat in their diet. If you feel this is you, avoid processed meat, eat less meat – 2 or 3 times a week for example and choose organic products if possible.

Whichever diet you like to follow always be tolerant of other points of view and always strive for fresh, rainbow coloured foods and reduce sugary or refined grains and “brown” foods like white bread, food fried in breadcrumbs, cakes and biscuits. Enjoy the huge variety we have available in this country.

Be well

Wendy Guilfoyle

Are Plants and People Really that Similar? continued…

Well, yes they are!

Protection from disease

With plants as with people, prevention is better than dealing with the symptoms of disease. If plants have the water, nutrients, light and space they need, they can be more resilient and defend themselves against attack.

It is the same with people, (there are always exceptions!)


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