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Over many decades, carefully annotated observations have shown that every part of the body is represented or reflected on a point on the feet. The gentle touch releases oxytocin, which cancels the production of stress hormones. Read More


Allergy Therapy

Random sporadic joint pain, skin rashes, headaches, catarrh, digestive problems, low energy are all symptoms which may, if there is no underlying medical condition, be caused by a sensitivity to a food or environmental substance. Read More

energy balancing

Energy Balancing

Exams, job interviews, filling in forms, important meetings or presentations, choosing which University to apply to, even playing tennis when it seems
like you are playing with a
racquet that has no strings.
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Life brings with it many and varied challenges. Limiting beliefs, self doubt, fear, semi-conscious childhood experiences and reactions may make it difficult for you to deal with these challenges, as you would prefer to.
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Welcome to Health Resolutions at Broadwell, in the centre of the beautiful Forest of Dean, offering Complementary Health care and support for the busy professional person and their family.

The Complementary Healthcare services available include: – Reflexology – Allergy Therapy and Treatment – Stress release through muscle and energy balancing – Health Creation – A Health and Lifestyle development programme – Counseling for personal and spiritual development – Nutritional Advice.

On all the following pages you will find information about the various treatments on offer at Health Resolutions and how they help you in all ways of health and lifestyle.

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When we set out on a journey, we know where our destination will be and after consulting a road map and programming the Satnav, we know which route we are going to take, so we usually arrive where we want to be.You would never dream of just setting off knowing neither destination nor route. If you did, you would no doubt end up where you began – or totally lost. Yet how many of us do just this when it comes to our health and well being and wonder why we don’t feel any better or more energetic! Health Resolutions offers a unique opportunity for you to identify the destination you need and and the route best suited to getting to where you want to be – full of energy and bursting with life! Want to know how?