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The first treatment takes about 1 hour 20 minutes; subsequent treatments, 1 hour. A series of three weekly treatments is recommended to begin with. Further treatments are arranged according to progress and the client’s needs.

More About Reflexology…

There is evidence of Reflexology having been in use since ancient times. There is a papyrus from Ancient Egypt depicting a patient having his feet massaged. The patient is asking if it will hurt!


Throughout history evidence of treating the feet to affect the health of the whole body has been seen. The system is not intended as a diagnostic tool. Reflexologists are not generally medically trained (though some are), so are not able, by law, to diagnose a condition. However, the treatment does reveal areas of imbalance in the body. Some of these can be attributed to recent activity – e.g. gardening creating some stress in the back – but these should be rebalanced during the treatment, without the need for a name to be given to it. If the condition persists after several treatments, or if accompanying symptoms indicate it, a visit to a Medical Professional would be recommended to enable proper diagnostic tests to be made.


Each point on the foot is a reflection of a particular part of the body. All of the body is represented between both feet, as can be seen on here.

If an area is out of balance or hurt, the reflex can feel tender when touched. To the practitioner it may feel gritty, puffy or as if a hair thin wire is stretched across that area. Applying gentle massage and pressure to that point will remove that subtle texture, with an accompanying ease of discomfort in the body.

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