Prices For Regular Treatments

1hr ~ £45
2hrs / 2hrs 30mins ~ £75

To make it easier for the busy professional to take advantage of the treatments available at Health Resolutions, Wendy has created the Rose Programme. To maintain optimum levels of energy, immunity, and all levels of health and well being, you may want to consider having treatments at Health Resolutions on a regular basis. The Rose Programme has been structured to facilitate this, in terms of both time and money when paying by standing order.

Sometimes your condition may have become well established and chronic. If this is the case the causes may be many and varied. It would speed your recovery to receive a series of several different kinds of treatments. This combination approach has been proven to be effective.

Please give 24hrs notice for any cancellation. Failure to do so will incur a penalty fee; £15 & £30 respectively.

The Rose Programme Options:

Which number below best suits you and your schedule?

1. The Rosebud Programme – This facilitates one hour’s treatment a month. The type of treatment can vary according to need. This gives you a saving of £5.00 off individual bookings.Price for this treatment is £40.00.


2. The Red Rose Programme – This gives you two hours’ treatment a month – either two treatments for yourself or one for you and one for another member of your family. This gives a saving of £10.00 off individual bookings.Price for these treatments is £80.00.


3. The Gold Rose Programme – You may feel that an extended period of weekly treatments would be the ideal for you. With this Gold Standard Programme you have 4 hours treatment available to you every month. This saves you £25.00 off individual bookings.Price for these treatments is £155.00.


4. The Daisy Chain – The Daisy Chain Programme offers 5 hours of any of the treatments offered at Health Resolutions, in any combination most suited to your needs or interests.


This gives you £225 worth of treatments for £175. The 5 hours would all be booked in advance and completed within 3 months.

All Standing Orders to be reviewed after three months.

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