When the Going gets Tough… Then Gets Tougher… What then?

It was for three weeks, now for three more weeks, but in reality, this Lockdown will probably go on for longer than that. Sigh!

So much has been written about it, so many suggestions on TV, radio and on the Socials, what can there be to add? Also, everyone’s situation can be so different, from being in a very small flat on the 20th floor and no income to having a spacious house and garden and an independent income that is more than enough to manage on, to every degree in between. 

Whatever our circumstances, we can all be subject to ‘down days’ or worse, with the associated tension, anger and defensiveness that can accompany it. Even without a down day, some of us are not used to being with our family for days and weeks on end any more. It can be almost like finding oneself living with strangers. Tricky. Misunderstandings can flare into rows in seconds. 

If you are heading that way, before your touch paper is lit by a seemingly innocent remark, notice; have a glass of water, then go somewhere on your own – the garden, the loo if you can lock the door, just somewhere where you can be on your own for a few minutes. Sit or lie down. Breathe in then breathe out fully as much as you can. Allow the air to pour in to fill your lungs naturally – you don’t need to force it. Repeat a couple of times. Now turn your attention inside and just watch your breath as you breathe in from your diaphragm. If your tummy is rising and falling with your in and out breaths, you have got the technique.

Just watch your breath. You will find your brain wants to pick over the aggravation and worry. When you notice that is where you have gone, very gently bring your attention back to your breath. It may help to count. One count for each complete in and out breath. Try to get to 10 without wandering off. If you catch yourself drifting, stop and go back to 1. Whether you get to 10 or not is beside the point. It is the counting that keeps you focussed. If you get to 10, check that you weren’t counting and worrying at the same time! If you really got to ten with focus, well done. Go to 20. In a very short time, the sense of being about to explode will pass. New ideas of what can be done to help the situation will come to you more easily, because you are more relaxed. 

Maybe even get the family to do it with you. It is worth a try!

If available, a walk outside in a park, garden space, wood or beach is very beneficial. (Keeping your distance at all times of course!) 

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