What to say?

It is difficult to know what to write. There is so much information, misinformation and disinformation flying around. There is much advice, ideas, generosity and determination everywhere. It has brought out so much good in people.

Everywhere feels very chaotic though. I suppose we have been suddenly catapulted into a new way of being. For myself, I am still working out what that will involve exactly. I closed the Reflexology Clinic a week ago until…? I have closed it before but always for a defined period of time. For it to be closed for an open ended period feels unsettling. I was wondering if those of you who have had to, reluctantly, close your practice/business feel similarly?

I have been searching for a “baseline”, a landing pad, some foundation from which to build a ‘new normal’. I happened upon a short video by Eckhart Tolle, author of the ‘Power of Now’ – “Conscious Awareness in Times of Adversity” on You Tube. Listening to his calm, slow delivery (you have to settle into it – it isn’t a sound-byte), I realised what it was I needed to find, when I was looking for that baseline.

It is that part within me, a deeper part, even a higher part of me, that is infinite, continuous, calm.

Everyone has that part of themselves. It is just that modern life seems to have drawn us away from that calm, serene place by making us think we have to rush, have to be quicker, faster, get to the top more quickly than yesterday. Those thoughts generate flight and fight hormones, which just adds fuel to the fire of urgency and stress.

There are different stresses now, especially for those whose income has stopped and/or are in a confined living space in a concrete jungle of development. At least the Government will help those with some income to tide them over until things get going again. We will still have to learn to be more moderate in our consumption of everything and also to relax into our own and our families’ company.

It can be irritating or it can be a time to rethink one’s life and enrich it. To re-evaluate priorities, get to know the children that you hardly ever have the chance to see, realise what wisdom young children bring in with them, especially newer generations. Spend a gentle time with your spouse/partner. To truly relax.

Exercise and activity help, but this needs to be balanced by some calm and quiet times. Turn off the tv, turn of the video games, find the book you have been meaning to read, read to your children… Talk kindly to each other. Life is not meant to be like it always seems to be in Albert Square, full of argument and strife.

Now is a good time to get acquainted with periods of peace through meditation. There are many different approaches available online. Check a few out. Mostly it comes down to sitting comfortably and warmly, drawing your awareness within and just watching your breath. Breathe in through your nose to a count of 3; hold it for 4, then breathe out through pursed lips for 5. Do this for three minutes. Your attention will wander. If it does just bring it back to the breath.*

This simple technique switches off the adrenalin cascade and switches on calming hormones that relax body and mind, bringing with it many proven health benefits.

Be calm; be peaceful; be well.

*HeartMath and Gregg Braden

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