We are all connected…

Quantum physics tells us that we are all connected. Everything is connected to everything. This is not an easy concept to place in our view of the world. We all look separate enough. However, whatever else the corona virus has resulted in, it has shown us how connected we are.

We just have to remember how rapidly the infection spread world-wide. Something of each of us is left on whatever we touch – it is only the knowledge that one of those somethings could be a strange shaped virus, that has made us aware of this. We can think of ourselves as individuals, but we are connected and a part of the whole.

The strategy of ‘isolation’ has made us realise how important real connection is for our sense of self and our well-being.

Technology gives us a sense of a kind of connection – thank heavens – but we realise it is not the same. We can’t hug a group of pixels on a flat screen. Judging by the messages on the radio, we are all longing to give family and friends a proper hug. We yearn for the physical meeting, for that exchange of ‘something’ that doesn’t happen through Zoom or Facetime.

For some of us, living life at a different pace, being in the garden or on a walk in a patch of green has become important. It is a revelation to experience life lived at a more human pace.

The use of the word ‘Nature’ has increased so much over the last 8-9 weeks. Our need to be in natural surroundings was revealed by the rush to beaches, moors, mountains and parks as soon as restrictions were lifted just a little. It is tough on the spirit to live in a metropolis all the time, cut off from true connection to the natural world. Life as it is now lived may not be sustainable in human terms. So much depends on the continuing supply of oil, which is finite.

Perhaps now is the time to consider just how our businesses recover and develop once out of ‘lockdown’. Do we want a handful of people to profit from the difficult situation of many? Now could be the time to consider how we can work and live productively, keeping in harmony with nature rather than against Her. After all, Nature is just another term for the earth, our planet floating in the vastness of space, on which our lives depend. 

If we carry on doing what we have always done with increasing intensity in the last 100 years and particularly in the last 50 years, we will always get what we have had – polluted rivers and seas (the water of life), air pollution – the spirit of life. How important it is, is being brought home to those struggling to draw in enough with their respirators. Sun is the source of all our energy, food and life. It is being blocked out entirely in some places by the pollution generated by industry. This is what we are gambling away in pursuit of bigger profits – our life support systems. 

Maybe we can use this enforced change in our way of life to consider how we might live more sustainably, in harmony with Nature and our own Being…

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